Golden Spikes


The Golden Spikes Award is presented after each game to the Player/Players who stand out in their play. Winners will receive a special shirt honoring their achievement.

Go Sabers!!


2015 Legacy Girls Soccer Golden Spikes

Bismarck JV1 - May 12 - Allie Vanderlaan receives the Golden Spikes - for her hard work, great passing, and leadership on the field. She also scored the winning goal.

Grand Forks Red River - May 9 - Kyla Schock did an awesome job stepping into the outside back role and working hard to defend bringing her the Golden Spikes.

Grand Forks Central - May 9 - Rachel Johanson played very aggressive on the outside and did a good job in the defensive and offensive transition earning her the Golden Spikes.

Mandan - May 5 - Rachel Anderson receives the Golden Spike for her game agaist Mandan.  She has stepped up and and continues to improve he play in the Midfield.

Mandan JV1 - May 5 - Kendra Murray scored 5 goals in the Varsity Reserves 6-1 win over Mandan.  Her strong play on the offensive end help the team to victory.

Jamestown - May 2 - Rachel Johanson
played her strongest game of the year outside midfield.  She did a great job of contained and then delievered some very well placed crosses. Ashley Baker scored her first varsity goal and had her most aggressive game of the year.

Jamestown JV1 - May 2 - Kaitlin Lang had a strong game all over the field helping lead the Varisty Reserve to the victory over Jamestown JV1.

Minot - April 30 - Annika Price is awarded the Golden Spikes for her strong play in the midfield.  Throughout the game she worked hard to contain the Minot midfielders.

Century - April 28 - Golden Spike go to Heidi Hilz for her strong play and leadership in the goal. While CHS was on the attack for most of the game her strong play keep the defense in the game.  Mercedes Baumgarter also receives the Golden Spikes for her hard work on the offensive end as she was constantly winning balls and working hard on changing the point of attack. 

BHS Maroon - April 25 - The Golden Spikes go to Macey Hertz. She plays right back and no one could get passed her!! When the other team would get passed our other defenders she was the first one to get back and saved the team from the dangerous situations. 

St Marys - April 22 - Hanna Sailer played a solid role in the middle of the defence throughout the game.  She stepped up taking the goal kicks, corner kicks and free kicks.  Her leadership on the field was evident throughout the game. Great job Hanna!

St Marys JV1 - April 22 - Rachel Anderson worked hard and played new postions throughout the game and had a positive attitude on the field earning her the Golden Spikes.

CHS Blue - April 21 - Mckenzie Eckroth earned the Golden Spikes as she held the defense exactly where she should have this game and stayed in the whole game! Never subbed out and kept working hard the entire game! She also took all of the corners. Which she did amazing and we scored our first goal of the season off of one her corner kick!!!

BHS Maroon - April 17 - Karlee Bernheardt won the Golden Spikes! Her plays on the defensive line and was amazing! She worked the hardest and made the most saves from our back line. Even when they passed her she was the quickest one back to force them to the outside! Her passes up the line to our forwards were perfect (both by passing and throw ins)!

Bismarck - April 14 - Kaitlin West stepped up and played a big roll at outside back.  Her hard work and toughness helped the defense have a stronger second half.

Bismarck JV1 - April 14 - Kyla Schock received the Golden Spikes award for her communication and drive during the game. She was constantly talking and encouraging her teammates throughout the game and pushed to do her best- way to go Kyla! 

CHS Red - April 13 - Kaitlin Lang is the Golden Spikes winner

Shanley - April 10 - Abby Weinberger receives for the Golden Spikes for her hard work in the midfield throughout the game.

CHS Blue - April 10 - Tiara Jojola is the first Golden Spikes winner for JV Vegas Gold in 2015 for strong efforts in the goal.

West Fargo - April 10 - Sydney Hagen's hard work in the goal kept the score close for most of the game.  Her great work in the goal earned her the Golden Spikes.

Mandan - April 7 - Heidi Hilz stood tall in the goal all night and lead the team to the first Varsity victory ever for the Legacy Sabers.  She is the first varsity Golden Spikes winner of the year.

Mandan JV - April 7 - Rachel DeMaria was awarded the first golden spikes award of the year for her leadership and hard work both on and off the field. She established a leadership that pulled the team through their first win and was very focused and determined during the game. Way to go Rachel! 

2014 Legacy Girls Soccer Golden Spike

Minot JV - May17 -  Abby Weinberger is the Golden Spikes winner she controlled the midfield thoughout the game.

CHS Red - May 13 -  Mercedes Baumgartner receives the Golden Spikes as she continues her scoring streak with her 9th goal of the season. Golden Spikes also are awarded to Rachel DeMaria she has stepped up all season and played every defensive position on the field and played great

CHS White - May 12 Annika Price is the Golden Spikes winner.  She stepped up and played all 80 min at center midfield and scored her first goal of the season helping secure a 1-1 tie

CHS Blue - April 25 - Rachel Johanson receives the Golden Spikes for her leadership and strong play at outside defense. Rachel helped lead the defense in their strongest game of the year so far.   She stepped up and tackled the ball away consistently from the Century girls.

BHS White - April 21 – Hanna Sailer is awarded the Golden Spikes for her strong play at defense center back.  She consistently stepped up to tackle the ball away from the BHS attackers and then delivered a strong pass to the outside. Her strong play up the middle was an important factor in the game. 

The East/West Crossover - Grand Forks Central/West Fargo – April 12 – Heidi Hilz is awarded the first Golden Spikes Award for the 2014 season for her strong play in the goal during both varsity matches. She did a great job of directing the defensive play and made several strong saves.  Her strong play in the goal kept the Sabers in both games.